2-tier White Cupcake Stand

Look what the hubba-bubba made (yes MADE) me for Christmas! I am completely in love with it and what makes it even sweeter is that it was handmade with love, and made detachable for convenience :) I'll measure it for you soon and test it out to see how many cupcakes it can handle, but until then feast your eyes on this:


Pink Ruffle Cake & Cupcakes

One of my oldest friends (as in I've known her forever, not that shes old LOL) asked me to do some treats for her daughter's 1st birthday. She wasn't sure what she wanted just that she was doing a cute Winter Wonderland theme with a pink and silver color scheme.

Well, I have been dying to do a ruffle cake and she loved the idea. Since it was a smash cake we decided on Chocoholic cake with cream cheese frosting so it would get nice and messy (and easy to eat) for the little lady. She also had me do matching mini cupcakes for the guests with silver sugar pearls on top. I just love how feminine these turned out, they were perfect.

The night before she called, I was getting the crafty jitters and made a silver ruffle wreath using foil cupcake liners I had saved knowing I'd use them for something someday. I was happy to give that to her also to add to the decor.

*My hubba-bubba took a peek at the cake after it was completed and said "how did you do that? is that fondant?" That's just one reason I love him... because he knows what fondant is :)


ReStore Catering

Last weekend, I catered a celebration for the 20 yr anniversary of the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. My hubba-bubba and I LOVE walking around this place best described as a home improvement thrift store. I think of all those amazing blogs and pinterest ideas for DIY-ers, this would be their dream! I've done a few projects using great finds from this place and was honored to make cupcakes for them.

3 dozen guava cupcakes, 3 dozen lemon chiffon, free to the public... they were gone. FAST. :)


Oreo and Mint Special Requests

I had a special request order this week for a baby shower. I was told the mommy-to-be likes oreo and grasshopper flavors, so after talking over a few options with my contact we decided on

Chocoholics with Oreo frosting
The Oreo frosting was LOADED with Oreo pieces, and then some finer bits sprinkled on top for good measure.

Brownie bites with mint frosting and chocolate ganache
These both turned out wonderfully! It was a first time doing the brownies in mini cupcake liners. They were the perfect piece of heaven to pop into your mouth.



The Heritage Schools boutique this year was another hit! I baked like a mad woman, wondered why I enjoyed doing this, but in the end loved that I did it.

By the end of the 2nd day, everything had sold out and clean-up was a breeze. Thanks to everyone who supported not only chEATday, but sub4santa also.

After several hundred cupcakes and brownies you think I'd be treated-out, but I'm looking forward to catering a baby shower in a few days.

*special thanks to my hubba-bubba for doing ALL the dishes


Boutique this weekend!

This Thursday and Friday (Nov. 3rd & 4th) chEATday will be in Provo! Take this rare opportunity to try several treats at once with no minimum order. You can pre-order now.

FREE delivery between Lehi and Provo if you order a mix-n-match dozen.

Also: look for the table with pink and purple tablecloths as I've been told there will be another cupcake vendor there.

Enjoy a chEATday and help a great cause. 10% of sales go to Sub-4-Santa!

Here's what to expect:
  • Chocoholic Cupcakes $1.50 (3 kinds of chocolate mixed into an incredible chocolate experience with amazing cream cheese frosting)
  • Strawberry Covered Chocoholic Cupcakes $1.50 (the chocoholic cupcake, however fresh strawberries are mixed into the cream cheese frosting. may not seem like a big difference, but it's incredible)
  • Lemon Chiffon Cupcakes $1.50 (a light lemon cupcake, filled with tangy lemon filling, topped with cream cheese frosting and crushed lemonhead candy)
  • Chocolate Mint Brownies $1.50 (brand new! homemade chocolate brownie, mint cream cheese frosting, covered with chocolate ganache)
  • Chocolate Covered Strawberries $1 (the best chocolate dipped strawberry ever)
  • Toffee Covered Strawberries $1 (the best chocolate dipped strawberry ever, then rolled in crushed toffee bits)


and the winner is...

In true chEATday style, I wrote the entry names on the bottom of mini cupcake liners.
Put them in my son's trick-or-treating bag.

And let him choose the winner.
Congratulations Nancy, you have won a dozen FREE chEATtreats at the Heritage School's Boutique. Contact me for details.

Nancy says: I absolutely love, love the Lemon Chiffon Cupcakes. And I am dying to try the haupia cupcakes (I just discovered haupia last year) p.s Thanks for the $2 DIY cakestand tip made some and used them for YW’s


Write a review GIVEAWAY!

Alright people, it is time for another giveaway! All you have to do is leave a comment reviewing your favorite chEATday treat(s) and you are entered to win 1 dozen treats. It will be an assortment of your choice available Nov. 3rd and 4th at Heritage Schools in Provo, UT.

I am planning on having:
  • chocoholics
  • lemon chiffon cupcakes
  • chocolate covered strawberries
  • chocolate mint brownies
  • any other requests?
1 comment per person. The winner will be randomly selected Tuesday, November 1st.

*Even if you haven't personally had a chEATday treat. Let me know what you are dying to try, or your favorite custom order I have created. For the out of towners, be a friend and enter to win for someone in the area, or if you win you can choose who deserves a chEATday!


a chEATday welcome to fall

Alright, I know I've been a little MIA lately, but there are some things coming up for chEATday that I've been working on :) In the mean time I made these little treats to welcome the fall.

Caramel popcorn, chocolate dipped and drizzled, and on a stick...
just because everything is more fun on a stick, right? Recipe anyone?


my 1st cake BOO!

Last night, my hubba-bubba came across this picture and I knew I had to post it.

About 5 years ago, we went to a Halloween party that had a cake decorating contest (remember: this was waaayyy before chEATday). I used a bundt cake that I cut in half and turned on it's side, used frosting from the grocery store, licorice and red hots if I remember correctly. I thought it was awesome LOL! Needless to say I didn't win, and this is not where my love for dessert decor started.

For me, this is the scariest cake I ever made!


Free Delivery for the weekend!

FREE DELIVERY! (most of Utah county)

For a conference weekend special chEATday is offering $15/dzn chocoholics, strawberry covered chocolate, and guava cupcakes. You may also add on $12/dzn chocolate/toffee covered strawberries for an extra special treat.

To order call/text me 801-360-1211 or FB me. Looking forward to the weekend!


Follow me on FB!

Do you follow chEATday on facebook? If not, you should! I am constantly offering specials on FB, here's how it works:

  • someone orders chEATday treats for whatever reason (baby shower, bridal shower, tea party... just because)
  • I post on FB what has been ordered and allow anyone to piggy-back on their order for a discount
  • people call/text/e-mail in piggy-back orders
  • pick them up and enjoy your chEATday!
I also have done FB giveaways, contests, last-minute deals, offers to deliver, and updates on where chEATday may be selling individual cupcakes and treats!


Swirl cupcakes

I was asked to do 60 pink and turquoise cupcakes for a birthday party this week. I knew they had to be bright and fun, just like the birthday girl herself so I went for the swirl effect! Pink and white swirl on 30 with turquoise sprinkles, and turquoise and white swirl on 30 with pink sprinkles.

BTW I am loving instagram on my iphone!


Hubba-Bubba's Bread Pudding Recipe

My hubba-bubba loves bread pudding.

I, the sugar-momma, love french toast.

We got married so I guess it's fitting that some of our favorite treats get married too. Confused much?

**please keep in mind I may not know photography, but I do know how to bake :)
Our favorite breakfast is called overnight french toast. You make it the night before, throw it in the oven in the morning, and enjoy the best breakfast ever.

Well, my husband came up with the idea to "flip it and whip it" and call it bread pudding. I happened to have some whipping cream in the fridge so he tested out his idea and voila! the best bread pudding ever was created. Originally he wanted to keep this recipe in our vault, however we've gotten too many requests for this recipe to deny the public anymore.

Hubba-Bubba's Bread Pudding

2T corn syrup
1/2 C butter
1 C brown sugar

1 loaf french bread, cut into 1" slices

4 eggs
1 1/2 C milk
1 t vanilla
1/4 t salt
1 t cinnamon

1 pint whipping cream
1/3 C sugar

*Combine corn syrup, butter and brown sugar in a bowl. Microwave until stir until smooth (about 2 min).
*Pour mixture into the bottom of a 9x13 greased pan.
*Squish/smoosh/squeeze french bread into pan ontop of the brown sugar mixture (cut side up).
*In separate bowl whisk together eggs, milk, vanilla, salt and cinnamon.
*Pour mixture over french bread.
*Cover and refrigerate overnight.
*Bake at 350 degrees for 45 min.
*Let cool and refrigerate.
*Flip the deliciousness onto another pan (it may not look very tasty at this point, but trust me).
*Whip up whipping cream and sugar. Smooth over deliciousness.
*Enjoy the matrimony of french toast and bread pudding.


Birds Egg Cupcakes

This weekend I was asked to do cupcakes for a bird themed baby shower. I went back and did the bird's nest cupcakes again, but this time they were blondies rather than chocoholics, so that's totally different right?

Either way, these turned out adorable!


Cowboy Cupcakes {and party}

Howdy ya'll! Last weekend we had an awesome party for my grandfather's 85th birthday! It was awesome to say the least. Everything was decorated amazingly, my family all worked together really well setting up, serving, cleaning up and having fun. My task was cupcakes of course and I was so excited to make these special for my grandfather. Before we dive into cupcakes let me show you just a FEW pix of what I had to live up to with the party.

the guest of honor, my grandpa!

Now a closer look at the cupcakes! My grandma wanted chocoholics decorated cowboy-esque. I did a plain swirl frosting with cowboy hats, horseshoes, and yellow cowboy stars. My aunty had these amazing cupcake stands made {which she graciously handed over to me} and they were perfect!


No Bake Eclair Cake

Almost every time I make this I am told "my mom used to make this, I haven't had it in forever." Well, here is the recipe for all of you to be transported back in time. Kinda, because for some reason everything tastes better when mom made it right?

The only thing about this recipe is you have to plan ahead. Because it has to sit for several hours it's not exactly a grab-it and go dessert. However, it is well worth the wait! Can you see the layers of yummy-ness? Here's how to do it:


-1 box graham crackers

1 8oz tub of whipped topping
- 7oz instant vanilla pudding (2 small boxes)
- 3 C of milk

- 3T melted butter
-3T hot water
-3T cocoa powder
-1 1/2 C powdered sugar

In a 9x13 pan put down a layer of graham crackers (you may need to crack a few to fill the pan, but otherwise leave them whole). In a separate bowl whisk together pudding and milk, then fold in the whipped topping. Pour 1/2 the filling mixture into the pan atop the graham crackers. Create another layer of graham crackers. Pour the remaining filling mixture over the graham cracker layer. Create a final layer of graham crackers. In a separate bowl use an electric mixture and combine butter, water, cocoa powder and sugar. (This mixture should be very thin, if it is thick heat in the microwave for 15 seconds or so) Pour frosting over final graham cracker layer and refrigerate for 3+ hours (I usually do 5 hours or overnight if I'm really planning ahead). Enjoy!

*You don't want it sitting for days because it will become way too soft, but I've never had this problem as it usually doesn't last 20 minutes once cut into :)


FB winners!

Who knew that a simple post on facebook would turn into something so big! The winner of the FB "like" chEATday challenge is

Jenn Nuga-Fifita!

The final tally for the top 2 contestants comes to:

Jenn 134, Renisha 107

a VERY close race. I can tell you I was dreaming about this since the competition was so dang close LOL Thank you to everyone who supported me and those who sent you to "like" me. I don't think I even know 241 people, or at least not that many that actually like me ;) I had no idea this would be such a great 'marketing strategy' just wanted to share some extra treats, lesson learned and many more contests and giveaways coming!

Feel free to take a look around and let me help you have the best chEATday ever!

Jenn, you won these:
contact me to pick them up sometime today :)

Renisha, you won these: (Renisha won first comment for a dzn minis)

*I will also be adding chocolate covered strawberries to both Jenn and Renisha's winnings today. Thanks ladies!


Topper Magic

One of my frequent buyers, Jenny, ordered chocoholic cupcakes with turquoise frosting for a double birthday party for her kids. Since one was a boy and the other a girl I did 1/2 the order with a solid swirl frosting tip, the other 1/2 I did with a large star tip. She put these cute little pirate flag toppers on and they turned out perfect! The frosting was kind of like the waves under the pirate ship, oh what the difference a topper can make =)

sidenote: I saw this cute family at another gathering and was helping pass out some store-bought cupcakes. Her 5 year old son didn't want a cupcake and she said "he only eats chEATday cupcakes... and me too" LOL


Chocolate Haupia Cupcakes

Ladies and Gentlemen... chEATday is proud to present to you:

Chocolate-Haupia Cupcakes!

How does every part of this name keep getting better and better? Say it out loud.

Chocolate. Haupia. Cupcake.

I am originally from Hawaii, and have always loved Chocolate Haupia Pie. With my latest order of Chocoholics I decided it was time to experiment and create a chEATday version of this treat.

I started with a haupia filling, but the cupcake was masking the haupia flavor, so finally decided haupia needed a layer all it's own. So here you have it, the cupcake is my signature Chocoholic cupcake, then a layer of yummy haupia, topped with rich whipping cream. Maybe next time I'll toast up some shredded coconut... It is an explosion of flavor in your mouth for a whole new chEATday experience. Needless to say the samples didn't last long. They are a much lighter cupcake for summer, so get them soon! $18/dzn

*if you don't know what Haupia is, think: thick coconut pudding, it's amazing!


father's day strawberries

Father's Day Special: 2 dozen chocolate/toffee covered strawberries for $20, get your orders in!
*email, call/text 801-360-1211


Wedding Cupcake Tower

chEATday's 2nd wedding was last weekend and it was a great success! The bride had ordered blondies and strawberry blondes, with a very simple frosting swirl and white sugar pearls. I loved the idea of simplistic beauty and think they turned out stunning.

I was able to deliver the cupcakes and set them up for the reception and let me tell you, the venue was beautiful. They had rented a cupcake tower from Diamond Rental and it was almost as tall as I am (ok, I'm not that tall, but still...) I layered them by flavor, blondies on the bottom, strawberry blondes next, then some cupcakes a friend of theirs had made next and then repeated that pattern for the remaining layers.

I'm hoping to get ahold of more pictures of the cupcakes, but in the mean time, I got this one off of facebook. Can I have a wedding re-do, I'd like to insert this cupcake tower please =)


Pasifika Festival: Success

Thank you to everyone who chEATed at the Pasifika festival earlier this month. It was a crazy day with super hot weather that started melting the frosting, then thunderstorms almost blowing the tents away.

Starting out with about 300 cupcakes, lots of mochi and li-hing lollipops, chEATday sold out of almost everything, left with just a few bags of mochi I got to take home and gobble up myself :) It was definitely an experience to remember, and it was fun to see lots of familiar faces and meet new friends as well.

Thank you Lori, Rachel & Tanya for doing the Sweet Treats booth with me, it was so fun and a glorious chEATday! And I got to debut chEATday's new banner!


chEAT with me THIS Saturday!

chEATday will be at The 1st Annual Utah Pasifika Festival this Saturday at Provo High's Bulldog Field.

$1.50 each:
-Chocoholic Cupcakes
-Strawberry Covered Chocolate Cupcakes
-Lemon Chiffon Cupcakes
-Butter mochi

Also at the booth will be:
-Lori's famous Peanut Butter Busters $1 ea or $22/pan (approx. 24-30 bars, pre-order)
-Tawnya's delicious assorted cookies
-Rachel's cream puffs (also sold at Sweets Island Restaurant)

If you would like to pre-order to insure your chEAT treats will be ready and waiting please contact me (, call/text 801-360-1211, leave a comment here or on FB)

Come support Utah County's Pacific Islanders and if you're like me... come for lots of good food!

* I will actually be at the Redwood Therapy booth, but feel free to stop by and say hi!*


Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake

Ok, I LOVE LOVE LOVE how this cake turned out. When Line told me she was having a Mickey Mouse themed party I knew exactly what I wanted to do... the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! My son loved this show when he was a little younger and I've always thought it'd look awesome in cake. The question was: could I do it?

I dreamed about this cake. literally. (I know how sad that is) I made lists for making sure this cake turned out right. It took basically the whole week to complete, I'll post about the lengthy process of cake making another time.

The base of the cake is Chocoholic cake with cream cheese frosting.

The red dome is also Chocoholic cake covered in marshmallow fondant with fondant windows and piped accents.

Mickey head, Mickey's hands, the foot door, and most of Mickey's fingers are all rice cereal treats. (the reason I say MOST is because my hubba-bubba ate on one Mickey's fingers!) They were all covered with marshmallow fondant and accented with cream cheese frosting.

Mickey's ears are fondant and everything is held together with several lollipop sticks.

And of course Chocoholic cupcakes with Mickey's signature head and ears.

I'm not sure if you can tell by the pic, but this cake was HUGE. To make sure it made it there safely I saved the assembly until we got to the party. It was really so fun and I was so pleased how things turned out. The birthday boy's brother even spent the first few minutes complaining that he wanted to lick the Mickey Cake LOL, it was hilarious! Happy 1st birthday baby boy!


Train Cake #2

Choo-choo! All aboard for the candy train. For a little boy's 3rd Thomas-themed birthday party I made this 3D candy cake with 4 dozen chocoholic cupcakes to match, complete with sprinkled "coal dust" (crushed cookies).

On the drive over I nearly died when the cake tipped over and smashed in the backside.

Luckily I had a tiny repair kit that consisted of ONLY the same blue frosting and smashed cookies. I was so lucky it didn't smash somewhere else! A little zigzag here and cookie crumbles there and all was well. When he saw the cake he exclaimed "it's Thomas!" gotta love it! Happy Birthday Jordan!

*I did this similar Train cake last year for my son's birthday. This year he's thinking either Transformers or Super Heroes. I'm trying to persuade him to go with Super Heroes since I've already done this Transformers cake. Wish me luck!

Crazy Busy!

chEATday has been crazy busy lately! I have been baking and decorating almost non-stop. I did these dozen Father-Daughter birthday cupcakes, 5 dozen mini guava cupcakes, this train cake and cupcakes, 2 dozen strawberry covered chocolate cupcakes all in 3 days last week.

This week I did a dozen chocoholics, 2 dozen toffee covered strawberries, 2 more orders of 2 dozen chocoholics, 3 dozen Mickey Mouse cupcakes and my new favorite... a HUGE Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake! (More info and pictures coming soon)

I think I'm about ready to drop, but hopefully not for too long since chEATday's got a lot of fun stuff coming up. Stay tuned!


Father-Daughter Cupcakes

One thing I love about chEATday is hearing from old friends and being apart of helping them celebrate. I love this family and was so excited to get a request for cupcakes for father and daughter birthdays. Even though I didn't get to see them personally, it was nice to be in contact again and think of them while I made their treats. I can't believe a year ago I was making these cupcakes for the baby shower!

Karlee had asked for cream, rose, raspberry and mint green colors maybe using polka dots. Badabing-badaboom:

Cream frosting with pink and mint green polka-dots. I made daddy's cupcake with a mint green tie and daughter's cupcake with a raspberry colored heart necklace. And how do I not own one of these cute stands? LOL

I gotta tell ya though, these blondies gimmie a headache! Every time I make them I think I want to take them off the menu, but I keep getting orders for them and hearing wonderful reviews so they'll stay... for now anyway :)

4.18.2011 IS GONE! :*(

If you haven't noticed already, is not me :*( The reminder to renew for another year went straight to my junkmail so when the time lapsed some mysterious guy in Dubai commandeered the URL.

I (almost) cried.

Instead I spent the next 3 1/2 hours on the phone with godaddy and online with blogger trying to figure the whole thing out. I've e-mailed the guy who bought it asking if we can work something out so I can have it back, but nothing yet. I am grateful that I didn't lose everything, but I have no idea if my followers are still getting notifications (anyone?). I couldn't sleep at all that night and keep dreaming that I have it back since my business cards have that URL and many people have that URL saved on their computers.

Any advice out there? Should I change it to or leave it here at blogspot? I'll sprinkle some sprinkles over my shoulder and wish for it back, but in the mean time I'm here at


Lingerie Cookie Pops

These were a little ummm... difficult to explain to my kids LOL!

These were the final products:


and Nice

Although I had quite a few trial runs in the process:

This was too "Chacha DiGregorio" (remember her in Grease?)

and this would be her little sister :)

this one too stripper-esque

too sloppy


and these were just to show you the kind of lingerie I deal with on a daily basis... DIAPERS!