2-tier White Cupcake Stand

Look what the hubba-bubba made (yes MADE) me for Christmas! I am completely in love with it and what makes it even sweeter is that it was handmade with love, and made detachable for convenience :) I'll measure it for you soon and test it out to see how many cupcakes it can handle, but until then feast your eyes on this:


Pink Ruffle Cake & Cupcakes

One of my oldest friends (as in I've known her forever, not that shes old LOL) asked me to do some treats for her daughter's 1st birthday. She wasn't sure what she wanted just that she was doing a cute Winter Wonderland theme with a pink and silver color scheme.

Well, I have been dying to do a ruffle cake and she loved the idea. Since it was a smash cake we decided on Chocoholic cake with cream cheese frosting so it would get nice and messy (and easy to eat) for the little lady. She also had me do matching mini cupcakes for the guests with silver sugar pearls on top. I just love how feminine these turned out, they were perfect.

The night before she called, I was getting the crafty jitters and made a silver ruffle wreath using foil cupcake liners I had saved knowing I'd use them for something someday. I was happy to give that to her also to add to the decor.

*My hubba-bubba took a peek at the cake after it was completed and said "how did you do that? is that fondant?" That's just one reason I love him... because he knows what fondant is :)


ReStore Catering

Last weekend, I catered a celebration for the 20 yr anniversary of the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. My hubba-bubba and I LOVE walking around this place best described as a home improvement thrift store. I think of all those amazing blogs and pinterest ideas for DIY-ers, this would be their dream! I've done a few projects using great finds from this place and was honored to make cupcakes for them.

3 dozen guava cupcakes, 3 dozen lemon chiffon, free to the public... they were gone. FAST. :)