My baby's 1st Birthday cupcakes and cakes

I can't believe my baby turned 1! Even though we wanted to keep her birthday a small celebration, I just had to do a cake for her. Well, it actually turned into 50 mini ruffle cupcakes, 24 ruffle cupcakes, 1 verticle mini ruffle cake, 1 horizontal mini ruffle cake, 1 whimsical mini chocolate sprinkle cake.

I had less than 10 hours to shop for, bake, let cool, cut, and pipe (frost) all the cakes and cupcakes, and of course get my house in decent order WITH 3 kids! It was a little crazy, but my baby took 2 great naps so I could get everything done and make sure she wasn't neglected on her birthday :)

The dessert table

I baked some of the cakes in baby food jars, topped them with chocolate ganache, and spelled out my baby's name for a cute baby themed idea.

One of the cupcake towers with regular sized cupcakes
Her pink ruffle smash mini cake
A white mini ruffle cake that wasn't touched since we had soooooo much cake.
*the following day I did a FB giveaway for this white ruffle cake and asked "Why do you deserve a chEATday" I loved all the responses so much I called my grandma to choose. Here's the one she picked:

Me! I've worked 55 hours per week these past two weeks at work without lunch breaks-working hard to get the students of BYU the financial aid they need. Oh I can totally use the treat to get me through one more week of busy-ness! :)

Grandma wasn't too happy her employer wasn't giving her lunch breaks!