Owl Cupcakes

Whooo wouldn't love an Owl cupcake?!?!

Lots of my baking lately has been donations for church events. Back in February I made these Owl cupcakes for a YW New Beginnings night. It was crazy to get these completed, but they were there just in time for everyone to enjoy. I made 75+ mini cupcakes for the attendees, but these special Owl cupcakes were for the YW themselves. They were displayed on these awesome cupcakes stands made out of wood. I've used them several times, but you have seen them here being used at the Cowboy party. They are starting to dry out and break, but I'll just have to ask the Hubba-Bubba to make some for me.

Bridal Shower Cupcakes

My sister is getting MARRIED!!! 

I only have one sister, but she's the best sister ever. She's beautiful, talented, and not just agrees to babysit, but calls randomly to offer to babysit. Anyway, my sister had a bridal shower with her bridesmaids so it gave me the opportunity to make this bridal gown cupcake display. I love it, but I love her more!  I am so excited for her wedding, I'll be making a 4 tiered cake and 400-500 cupcakes. I'm exhausted thinking about it, but she's worth it. And chEATday's motto is "make it worth it" 

Girl on Fire Cupcakes

I made 5 dozen cupcakes for Young Women's camp, the theme was "GIRL ON FIRE" What do you think... did I achieve a fire with the frosting?

I really was worried about these melting, not because of my awesome frosting fire, but because of this darn heat! Everything worked out well and I was told they set the girls mouths on fire, in a good way ;)