Pasifika Festival: Success

Thank you to everyone who chEATed at the Pasifika festival earlier this month. It was a crazy day with super hot weather that started melting the frosting, then thunderstorms almost blowing the tents away.

Starting out with about 300 cupcakes, lots of mochi and li-hing lollipops, chEATday sold out of almost everything, left with just a few bags of mochi I got to take home and gobble up myself :) It was definitely an experience to remember, and it was fun to see lots of familiar faces and meet new friends as well.

Thank you Lori, Rachel & Tanya for doing the Sweet Treats booth with me, it was so fun and a glorious chEATday! And I got to debut chEATday's new banner!


chEAT with me THIS Saturday!

chEATday will be at The 1st Annual Utah Pasifika Festival this Saturday at Provo High's Bulldog Field.

$1.50 each:
-Chocoholic Cupcakes
-Strawberry Covered Chocolate Cupcakes
-Lemon Chiffon Cupcakes
-Butter mochi

Also at the booth will be:
-Lori's famous Peanut Butter Busters $1 ea or $22/pan (approx. 24-30 bars, pre-order)
-Tawnya's delicious assorted cookies
-Rachel's cream puffs (also sold at Sweets Island Restaurant)

If you would like to pre-order to insure your chEAT treats will be ready and waiting please contact me (, call/text 801-360-1211, leave a comment here or on FB)

Come support Utah County's Pacific Islanders and if you're like me... come for lots of good food!

* I will actually be at the Redwood Therapy booth, but feel free to stop by and say hi!*


Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake

Ok, I LOVE LOVE LOVE how this cake turned out. When Line told me she was having a Mickey Mouse themed party I knew exactly what I wanted to do... the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! My son loved this show when he was a little younger and I've always thought it'd look awesome in cake. The question was: could I do it?

I dreamed about this cake. literally. (I know how sad that is) I made lists for making sure this cake turned out right. It took basically the whole week to complete, I'll post about the lengthy process of cake making another time.

The base of the cake is Chocoholic cake with cream cheese frosting.

The red dome is also Chocoholic cake covered in marshmallow fondant with fondant windows and piped accents.

Mickey head, Mickey's hands, the foot door, and most of Mickey's fingers are all rice cereal treats. (the reason I say MOST is because my hubba-bubba ate on one Mickey's fingers!) They were all covered with marshmallow fondant and accented with cream cheese frosting.

Mickey's ears are fondant and everything is held together with several lollipop sticks.

And of course Chocoholic cupcakes with Mickey's signature head and ears.

I'm not sure if you can tell by the pic, but this cake was HUGE. To make sure it made it there safely I saved the assembly until we got to the party. It was really so fun and I was so pleased how things turned out. The birthday boy's brother even spent the first few minutes complaining that he wanted to lick the Mickey Cake LOL, it was hilarious! Happy 1st birthday baby boy!


Train Cake #2

Choo-choo! All aboard for the candy train. For a little boy's 3rd Thomas-themed birthday party I made this 3D candy cake with 4 dozen chocoholic cupcakes to match, complete with sprinkled "coal dust" (crushed cookies).

On the drive over I nearly died when the cake tipped over and smashed in the backside.

Luckily I had a tiny repair kit that consisted of ONLY the same blue frosting and smashed cookies. I was so lucky it didn't smash somewhere else! A little zigzag here and cookie crumbles there and all was well. When he saw the cake he exclaimed "it's Thomas!" gotta love it! Happy Birthday Jordan!

*I did this similar Train cake last year for my son's birthday. This year he's thinking either Transformers or Super Heroes. I'm trying to persuade him to go with Super Heroes since I've already done this Transformers cake. Wish me luck!

Crazy Busy!

chEATday has been crazy busy lately! I have been baking and decorating almost non-stop. I did these dozen Father-Daughter birthday cupcakes, 5 dozen mini guava cupcakes, this train cake and cupcakes, 2 dozen strawberry covered chocolate cupcakes all in 3 days last week.

This week I did a dozen chocoholics, 2 dozen toffee covered strawberries, 2 more orders of 2 dozen chocoholics, 3 dozen Mickey Mouse cupcakes and my new favorite... a HUGE Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake! (More info and pictures coming soon)

I think I'm about ready to drop, but hopefully not for too long since chEATday's got a lot of fun stuff coming up. Stay tuned!