Chocolate Haupia Cupcakes

Ladies and Gentlemen... chEATday is proud to present to you:

Chocolate-Haupia Cupcakes!

How does every part of this name keep getting better and better? Say it out loud.

Chocolate. Haupia. Cupcake.

I am originally from Hawaii, and have always loved Chocolate Haupia Pie. With my latest order of Chocoholics I decided it was time to experiment and create a chEATday version of this treat.

I started with a haupia filling, but the cupcake was masking the haupia flavor, so finally decided haupia needed a layer all it's own. So here you have it, the cupcake is my signature Chocoholic cupcake, then a layer of yummy haupia, topped with rich whipping cream. Maybe next time I'll toast up some shredded coconut... It is an explosion of flavor in your mouth for a whole new chEATday experience. Needless to say the samples didn't last long. They are a much lighter cupcake for summer, so get them soon! $18/dzn

*if you don't know what Haupia is, think: thick coconut pudding, it's amazing!


father's day strawberries

Father's Day Special: 2 dozen chocolate/toffee covered strawberries for $20, get your orders in!
*email, call/text 801-360-1211


Wedding Cupcake Tower

chEATday's 2nd wedding was last weekend and it was a great success! The bride had ordered blondies and strawberry blondes, with a very simple frosting swirl and white sugar pearls. I loved the idea of simplistic beauty and think they turned out stunning.

I was able to deliver the cupcakes and set them up for the reception and let me tell you, the venue was beautiful. They had rented a cupcake tower from Diamond Rental and it was almost as tall as I am (ok, I'm not that tall, but still...) I layered them by flavor, blondies on the bottom, strawberry blondes next, then some cupcakes a friend of theirs had made next and then repeated that pattern for the remaining layers.

I'm hoping to get ahold of more pictures of the cupcakes, but in the mean time, I got this one off of facebook. Can I have a wedding re-do, I'd like to insert this cupcake tower please =)