Black and White and PINK all over

So pink, so chic, soooo yummy! These were made for a young lady's birthday, who doesn't love polka dots?


purrr...fect Hello Kitty cupcakes

These were for my cute little niece's birthday. I hope I've fooled you all, but I actually am not much of an artist at all! I was a little nervous about making these look nice for her. In addition to the kitty cupcake toppers I put her signature bow on each of the other cupcakes. I think they turned out PURRRR...fect ;)

I Hope They Call Me On a Mission

When I got a request for missionary cupcakes I was so excited! I've been wanting to do some for a while now, and was really looking forward to getting them done. She showed me how to write their name in Kanji and I had the idea of making a fondant nametag. She also suggested the Japanese flag, and I attempted to make it look as if it were flying in the wind. I love the way they turned out, what do you think?

I have to say though, these came with a side of guilt for me. My little brother is on a mission right now. He's currently in Peru, on his way to Bolivia this week. I wanted to get some cupcakes to him while he was in the Provo MTC, but I gave birth while he was there and the c-section just didn't allow it. Now he's just too far to send cupcakes. Any ideas on what I can send?