Special: All week long (thru March 3rd) get 2 dozen chocolate covered strawberries (with or without toffee) for just $20!

You can give a dozen away, and keep a dozen for yourself, or be a true cheater and hide in the closet devouring all 24 yourself :) Happy Easter!

*e-mail or text/call 801-360-1211 to place an order or with questions


Tina's Tuesday Tip: Quick & Easy Cobbler

There's nothing better than a yummy treat made with 3 ingredients that you literally just "dump" together. Many people call this a dump cake, but I prefer cobbler... it just sounds fancy :) Keep these simple ingredients in your pantry and when a last minute guest comes over pop it in the oven for a delicious treat!

-1 box yellow cake mix
-2 cans cherry pie filling
-1/2 cup (1 cube) butter or margarine (melted)

-pour pie filling into 9x13 pan
-sprinkle cake mix over filling
-drizzle melted butter over cake mix
-place in 350ยบ oven for 1 hour
-enjoy! (this is great with ice cream/whipping cream/whipped topping)

*I have also substituted the cherry pie filling for apple pie filling and pumpkin pie filling. Both are delicious!!! I'm still waiting for a chance to try peaches and blueberries, yum... any volunteers for last-minute visitors?


Baby Shower: Pretty Pink Princess

These cute mini's were for Karlee's shower. She is absolutely the sweetest girl ever and is going to be an amazing mom! The colors were chosen to match an adorable quilt she's made for her baby girl.

The Princess cupcake for the guest of honor.

Strawberry Blondes with Strawberry Cream Cheese frosting, hot pink sanding sugar, and edible silver balls.

Chocoholics with hot pink Cream Cheese frosting and chocolate flower toppers.


Boutique Spread

Here were the goodies @ the boutique:

I LOVE how everything turned out, especially the Spring themed sugar cookie pops! What do you think?

"Good Earth" Book Club

I was told the book takes place in China, which made me think RED for the Chocoholic frosting.

Then, to go along with the title I added roses to the Lemon Chiffon.


Boutique THIS Saturday!

I was invited to participate in a boutique in my neighborhood THIS Saturday, March 27th. I'll be making Chocoholics, Lemon Chiffon & Strawberry Blonde cupcakes as well as Cheat Worthy Sugar Cookies and Chocolate Dipped Strawberries. If you've been wanting an assortment, or just a couple treats here is your opportunity! Or if you want me to hold some for you LMK ASAP. I am also REALLY looking forward to seeing the other items that will be there. Here are the details:

Come join us in celebrating Spring
and shop some many wonderful ant talented vendors.
Some items include:

Beaded Watchbands and Watch Faces
Easter, Spring and Home Decor
Halftees T-shirts
Flowered Headbands and Hair Clips
Handmade Purses and Diaper Bags
Knitted Children's Toys
Gourmet Cupcakes and Sugar Cookies
from chEAT day

This Saturday, March 27th from 9:00-4:00
Located in the Silverlake Subdivision
7707 N Decrescendo Drive


Ladies Night

To kick off my business I KNEW it had to be done with a Ladies Night! My Aunty Connie was the mastermind behind the "Uptown Girl" theme, and it was perfect. We had high heels all over, purses to go along with each cupcake flavor, and music in the background. Cue music: "uptown girl, she's been living in her uptown world..."

Everything turned out wonderful (if I do say so myself ;) We used goblets turned upside down to display the regular sized cupcakes.

I made over 1400 mini cupcakes to not only share with my guests, but to take home to share. And of course dozens of chocolate covered strawberries, miniature cheesecakes, sugar cookie pops, eclairs, cream puffs, and Lori's peanut butter Busters were there too!

Thank you to everyone who came and made this night absolutely unforgettable for me! We had over 50 ladies join us - - - who knew I had so many friends?!?!

And a very special thank you to Aunty Connie (far right) for all your help with EVERYTHING, the night would not have happened without her. And of course to my mom and sister for being my non-hired help for the evening, I love you! My beautiful apron was made by the very talented Jenny Uyema and the great pix are courtesy of my talented friend Alexis.

Cream Puffs

These are the ideal cream puffs with the perfect flaky pastry and delicious creamy filling. Drizzled with chocolate and dusted with confectioners sugar makes these decadents divine!


These eclairs have our perfect flaky pastry with our delicious chocolate creamy filling topped with a thin layer of chocolate frosting. They can easily be customized to suit your needs.

Miniature Cheesecakes

It begins with a thick graham cracker crust, then a rich layer of creamy cheesecake, followed by a topping of your choice (cherries/strawberries/blueberries/chocolate...) all fitting neatly in the palm of your hand. Perfection.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Who doesn't LOVE Chocolate Dipped Strawberries? These are dipped chocolate, then drizzled with white chocolate. Customers rave they've never had better!

*customize with incredible crushed toffee or intricate chocolate designs

Cheat Worthy Sugar Cookies

These cookies are incredibly soft, smooth, and spectacular; and pair amazingly with our cream cheese frosting. Choose you favorite cookie shape and frosting colors.

Perfect as a bouquet, single cookie pops or gift bags filled with cookies and icing.


Tina's Tuesday Tip: Whip It Good

If you've ever wondered how to get a lighter texture in your cakes/cupcakes just remember to Whip it... Whip it good! What I'm talking about is egg whites. This simple step will make your cakes light as air.

1) Separate your egg: You can do this by pouring the egg into your {clean} hand. The whites will slide through your fingers and the yolks will remain in your palm. Put egg whites aside.

2) Mix the cake according to directions with yolk

3) Whip whip whip the egg whites. I usually throw them in my Kitchen Aid on medium high for about 5 min. You can also use a hand mixer {this may take a while because the beaters are smaller thus incorporating less air with each rotation} or you can do it by hand with a whisk {I've never done this but I know it can be done with a lot of time, patience and elbow grease!} Keep whipping until it has stiff peaks, kinda like this:

4) Fold {think gentle stir} egg whites into batter. Using a the rubber spatula incorporate the egg whites by bringing the batter at the bottom of the bowl over the egg whites. Continue doing this until the egg whites are incorporated, no longer.

5) Bake, frost and enjoy your light as air creation!


Spring is Here

The sweet woman who ordered this cake for her husband thought Guava cake sounded yummy, but knows her husband loves Lemon, so this is what we came up with.

Here are the layers:

~guava cake
~guava gel
~guava cake
~cream cheese frosting
~lemon cake
~lemon curd
~lemon cake
~covered in whipped topping
~drizzled with guava gel
~sprinkled with crushed lemon heads

Did you get all that? Imagine many explosion of springtime in your mouth.

*And no I didn't cut into their cake, I of course had to have my official taste tester approve a mini {and messy} version.


St Patty's Birthday Cupcakes

Happy St Patrick's Day to everyone and Happy Birthday Tu'u, you're one "LUCKY" girl!

What do you think? Did I have the luck of the Irish with me or do I deserve a pinch or two?


Tina's Tuesday Tip: Softening

Have you ever noticed that many baking recipes call for "softened" butter or "softened" cream cheese? Through trial and error I have a few tips for you.

#1 DO NOT ignore this instruction... unless you don't mind lumpy cheesecake or frosting (YUCK!)

#2 Room Temperature. This does not mean on a 98 degree summer day. IF you remember ahead of time, leave your ingredient on the counter to come to soften. So many of my sweet cravings ambush me and attack quickly, that I often microwave the ingredient using the defrost feature and checking on it frequently.

#3 The Pinching Test. This is how I can tell if my ingredient is ready. If it leaves a little indent with a little love pinch (on all sides), it's ready. If you've gone too far and melted the ingredient DO NOT try to use it, save it for a cooking recipe rather than a baking recipe.

#4 DO NOT use spreadable margarine. It will ruin most recipes!

#5 If your recipe calls for an ingredient at room temperature, I suggest having your eggs at room temperature also. If you use eggs right out of the refrigerator the eggs may lower the temperature of the butter and reverse the "softening" you've now perfected.

Have any of you had trouble with softening or have other tips to share? Leave me a comment, I always love more tips!

BUSTERS Winner...

Peni Norman! Peni was selected via Thank you to everyone who participated in this giveaway and remember if you ever need a Peanut Butter fix, Lori's PB Busters are always available here at




Blogger ariel said...

ohhh yum! i am a sucker for all lemon treats, so i would love to win some lemon chiffon cupcakes!

Ariel - please contact me to redeem your prize (

Thank you to everyone who participated in my very first giveaway. I was so excited with each new comment and the overwhelming love and support. Stay tuned for more giveaways on and I'll update you with info on what other sites will be hosting chEAT day giveaways. AND I have to give an honorable mention to Renisha who far and away had the most entries :)

*Remember the giveaway for the PB Busters is still open 'till Monday, so be sure to scroll down and enter

*BTW, the Cheat Day Ladies Night was AMAZING, more to come on that later, this sugar momma has got a lot of sleep to catch up on :)


Cookie Bouquet Giveaway

For those of you who have RSVP-d {even if it is a no :( } to the Cheat Day Grand Opening Girls Night you are automatically entered into a drawing to win the "Uptown Girl" cookie bouquet that will be displayed that night. If you haven't received an invite, throw a girl's night of your own, I'd be more than happy to cater loads of treats, everyone knows I never miss a Girl's Night!

*don't forget to scroll down and enter the PB Buster giveaway (ending Monday) and the 2 dozen gourmet cupcakes giveaway (ending Friday).


Busters Giveaway!

Busters = best peanut butter bars known to mankind. SERIOUSLY. I've honestly never been a huge peanut butter person, but these have converted me. Ok, confession time, on occasion I have snuck a few into my purse before they are all taken. shhhh! don't tell! And guess what? They are made with whole wheat! So no guilt, just gluttony! Lori is the guest baker of these amazing treats and has offered to do a giveaway of 1/2 a pan of these babies and yes, I am entering this one for myself! Here's the technical stuff: before Monday, March 15th leave a comment mentioning your favorite peanut butter treat and you're good to go!

And you can always order Lori's buster here on

Tina's Tuesday Tip & Contest

For this week's Tuesday tip it's about making it look good. Of course I mean whatever treats you make in the kitchen, but also yourself! (which after 2 kids is a bigger task these days!) I know after a long day of work or going crazy with kids the last thing on your mind is fashion, but I really do believe if you look good you feel good.

So, for the contest part we're going to have an apron contest! For those attending the Cheat Day Ladies Night wear your favorite apron! Not attending? Don't worry, you can send in a pic of you in your apron and be entered to win! There will be two categories: Grandma's pick (she's been my cake decorating inspiration) and most creative (judged by me). All entries must arrive or be sent in by midnight, Friday, March 12. The winners will receive a 6 pack of adorable dessert plates to help make their treats looks good... no GREAT!

*and you can still enter below for the cupcake giveaway!


First Giveaway!!!

What's a Grand Opening without a GIVEAWAY! To kick off making this a "Cheat Week" I want to giveaway 2 dozen of my gourmet cupcakes of the flavor of your choice if you are local (Utah) or a great assortment of baking accessories if you are out-of-state. This is not only a site to order gourmet sweets, but a place where I will blog about baking basics, review recipes, document my baking accomplishments and disasters, and make your mouth water! Check back every day this Grand Opening week for more contests and giveaways!

There are several ways to enter so please leave a separate comment for each entry. The giveaway closes Friday, March 12 @ 6pm MST. Here's how to enter:

-search through and tell me your favorite cheat treat
-blog/facebook/tweet/snail mail :) about Cheat Day and this giveaway leaving a link back here
-follow me (this counts if you are already a follower)
-add the Cheat Day link to your blogroll
-place an order (


Card Carrying

After a long day, nothing cheers you up like exciting mail. My business cards are in! I am thrilled with them, what do you think?


Lemon Chiffon

When life gives you lemons... make Lemon Chiffon Cupcakes!

Once it hits your mouth the sweet frosting melts, the airy cupcake is divine, the tart curd(FYI: curd = yumminess) surprises, and the crushed Lemon Heads bring you back to pigtails and polka-dot days.

Serious. Lemon. Heaven.


A Bakers Transformation

Here we go: I've got my oven preheated, my butter softened, and my apron on. I have refined all my recipes and found just the right frostings for the perfect cupcake marriages. Once the kids are in bed the transformation begins. The kid's toys get thrown into their bench and mommy's toys get sprinkled all over the kitchen countertops.

There is something about finding just the right measurements of just the right flavors, throwing them in my trusty KitchenAid and filling my cupcake liners just full enough to peek over the sides once done. I pop those babies in the oven, and start making frosting with the perfect consistency to melt in our mouth but also hold the shape of my super swirls.

The air smells amazing. I hear the timer go off. They look delicious and bounce back with the slightest touch. Off they go for a visit with the cooling racks before being introduced to the love of their life... the icing on the cake! My mind races on how I can make this particular group of cupcakes come to life, and food coloring hits the fan. Before they get put away for safe keeping {to make it through the craziness 2 kids bring} one (or two... or three) is deemed unfit for duty and makes it into my husband's salavating smackers. A quick clean up restores my magical kitchen back into the PB&J station that the morning will bring.