Ladies Night

To kick off my business I KNEW it had to be done with a Ladies Night! My Aunty Connie was the mastermind behind the "Uptown Girl" theme, and it was perfect. We had high heels all over, purses to go along with each cupcake flavor, and music in the background. Cue music: "uptown girl, she's been living in her uptown world..."

Everything turned out wonderful (if I do say so myself ;) We used goblets turned upside down to display the regular sized cupcakes.

I made over 1400 mini cupcakes to not only share with my guests, but to take home to share. And of course dozens of chocolate covered strawberries, miniature cheesecakes, sugar cookie pops, eclairs, cream puffs, and Lori's peanut butter Busters were there too!

Thank you to everyone who came and made this night absolutely unforgettable for me! We had over 50 ladies join us - - - who knew I had so many friends?!?!

And a very special thank you to Aunty Connie (far right) for all your help with EVERYTHING, the night would not have happened without her. And of course to my mom and sister for being my non-hired help for the evening, I love you! My beautiful apron was made by the very talented Jenny Uyema and the great pix are courtesy of my talented friend Alexis.


Tolai & Nimo

Holy smokes Tina...1400 cupcakes? wow. amazing. looks like it was great!


it WAS great! you did awesome, tina (and your family, too). i was so happy when sei brought home more cupcakes the next night. :)


Tina, you are so stinkin cute!

Nic & Trudi

Tina I'm so sad I missed it. I'm sorry I couldn't be there. It looks like you did an amazing job!!! Let me know if you do another one! P.S. your Aunty Connie and your mom look like twins!

a little bit biased

Love that picture at the end. It was a great night Tina. Glad it turned out so well for you! My mouth is starting to water again just thinking about it!


Looks like it was a beautiful event. Again, sorry I missed it, but glad I still got to eat some yummy, yummy cupcakes!


i made such a big deal outta it that i have my family in WA trying to figure out what they want to order! LOL. it was an AWESOME opening for your business!! the set up was super creative and fun!! i was blessed to be a part of it!!


sooooo fun!! seriously i was in heaven . . . i think you can tell i was salivating in that pic with the plate of cupcakes! ha ha thanks again tina!


1400 cupcakes is amazing! Your treats look delicious! Wish I could eat em up!