Busters Giveaway!

Busters = best peanut butter bars known to mankind. SERIOUSLY. I've honestly never been a huge peanut butter person, but these have converted me. Ok, confession time, on occasion I have snuck a few into my purse before they are all taken. shhhh! don't tell! And guess what? They are made with whole wheat! So no guilt, just gluttony! Lori is the guest baker of these amazing treats and has offered to do a giveaway of 1/2 a pan of these babies and yes, I am entering this one for myself! Here's the technical stuff: before Monday, March 15th leave a comment mentioning your favorite peanut butter treat and you're good to go!

And you can always order Lori's buster here on



You thought I was kidding?!?! Pick me, and these busters truly are my favorite PB treat!

Renisha Afalava

so idk if this counts as a "treat" but i have to HAVE TO have PB (and syrup of course) with my french toast. its my absolute FAVE way to eat PB.

p.s. lori, everytime ur PB bars r present, i NEVER make it to the pan b4 they're GONE! i truly deserve 'em *sad.puppy.eyes* PICK ME!!! =]

The Brownz

My fave peanut butter treats our the peanut butter twix:) Yummy yummy in mah tummy!!!! Pick me!!!


My favorite peanut butter treat is those little debbies bars. That's probably not even real peanut butter but I love em.

Seini Photography

My favorite peanut butter treat is this wonderful dessert my cousin would make....which involved French bread, nutella, peanut butter, bananas in the sandwich and then grilled and dusted with powder was so delish!

Cedar Reids

Ok, if you know me... you know my favorite treat IS Lori's peanut butter Busters!!! So it should only be right that I win this! lol
No seriously....they are my fav!


I am a huge peanut butter fan but I'd probably have to say that my favorite p.b. treat is......smooth, creamy, heavenly peanut butter pie! My mouth is watering just thinking about it! I'm the SERIOUS one!!


I think those peanut butter bars of Lori's are probably the best PB treats I've ever had... BUT if we're choosing something other than the PB bars, my favorite is Nutty Bars. Great, now I want some. :)


i love pb m&m's and i love homemade pb/choc chip cookies! i l.o.v.e peanut butter. and who doesn't crave a pbj sandwich with a glass of milk? =)


Peanut butter popcorn is delicious!


I make peanut butter balls that taste close to reesesn peanut butter cups...YUM! But my fave quick snack is peanut butter and banana fried sandwich!

a little bit biased

I LOVE PB stuff too, so I would love to win this. I just finished off a box of PB Girl Scout cookies, but my all time favorite PB treat is a frozen PB pie with a nutter butter crust. Yum!

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At school lunch they serve peanut butter rolls. It's a regular bun with a peanut butter/sugar spread on top. Someone made it at a party recently and everyone devoured it.


Lee Anne

Peanut butter kisses or blossoms or any other name they are known the peanut butter and chocolate combo....and of course who doesn't love a PB&J????


PB cups have to be a favorite. Also PB bars. I LOVE PB!

The Lautaha's

I'm a HUGE fan of fluffernutters...those peanut butter and marshmellow cream sandwiches. MMMM. Yummy. :)

Renisha Afalava

i also LOVE pb cups with popcorn!!!! =]

Nic & Trudi

Peanut Butter is my FAVORITE thing ever!!! And I think my favorite PB treat is the Peanut Butter Buster Pie at Outback. It is DELICIOUS!!!

myraggdyann at yahoo dot com

I love peanut butter too! My favorite treat probably is the gourmet line of peanut butters from Pb Loco (sadly it looks like they are out of business) and Peanut Butter and Company. I eat it straight from the jar!