Valentines 2012!

I had so much fun doing Valentine's orders this year. After 200 chocolate/toffee dipped strawberries, 10 dzn cupcakes, individual boxes, and several deliveries, Valentine's is over. The funnest part was people coming over and asking "do you have anything else I can buy?" Like a good organized chEATer I made lots of extras.

I found these adorable (food-safe) take-out boxes. They were so dang adorable and I love the peek-a-boo aspect of the above one.

This was a mixed order of the assortment that was made. Hope everyone had a wonderful love-filled Valentine's Day!


Simple Wedding Cupcakes

I was asked to make cupcakes for a small wedding recently. They ordered 2 dozen guava cupcakes, 2 dozen chocolate haupia cupcakes, and 2 dozen peanutbutter-cup-cakes. I was so excited to use the whole cupcake tower my hubba-bubba made me for Christmas and the whole thing turned out great!

As soon as people were invited to eat everyone headed straight for the cupcakes, and in a few short minutes they were gone. GONE. We had some serious cupcakes hoarding going on people. I had so many lovely compliments that evening and was so pleased to see people enjoy chEATday treats!


Prince & Princess Birthday Cupcakes

A couple weeks after my baby's birthday my older daughter turned 3! To help her celebrate I knew she wanted a princess themed party. We invited her little friends over and when we realized a good friend of hers was also turning 3 a couple days later we decided to combine their parties.

I was worried about the decor being to feminine so I stuck to a yellow crown for the cupcake toppers. I was so excited about these because they gave me an opportunity to use my new Cricut Cake. My son (age 4) said the crowns looked like fingers... he just might be right, oops! I haven't quite mastered this device, but am really excited about all the possibilities! I also wanted the kids to do a little activity so I went to Burger King and asked for some crowns, painted them with chalkboard paint and the kids used chalk to decorate their own crowns. The special birthday Prince and Princess had bright yellow crowns so they could feel extra special!

For the cupcakes I made minis and 2 large cupcakes for the guests of honor. I tried a new flavor, red velvet, and needless to say it will not be going on the chEATday menu. I'm sorry people, I just don't really like red velvet cake anyway and was more than embarrassed to serve it to my guests. Luckily, I had some extra Peanutbutter-Cup-Cakes in the fridge for the grown-ups :)


Valentine's Orders

I am officially taking Valentine's Day orders!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries (2 dzn/$20)

Chocoholic Cupcakes (1 dzn/$15)

*Can't choose between a dozen roses or chocolate for your sweetheart? Add $5/dzn to make them Chocoholic Roses as pictured here:

*Stay tuned as I may be posting how you can add on individual packages for


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