Avatar Cake

As always, there's a story behind this cake.

One day I got an e-mail asking if I could make an Avatar (The Last Airbender) cake for her son's 7th birthday. She had attached a picture of what she wanted and said she really liked my work. I felt nervous and underqualified so I e-mailed her back that I'd need a day to think about it and may just refer her somewhere else.

Later that same day, I showed my hubba bubba (husband) the requested picture and he said, "you can do that!" My self confidence was restored and I e-mailed the mother back saying I would be able to do the cake.

It was tricky, and I learned a lot, but I LOVE the way it turned out! My son was sad to see it go, just as he was with the Transformers cake, and Spiderman cupcakes, but excited for the little boy to receive it. Happy Birthday Loi!


Baby Girl Cupcakes & Cake

I have been excited for months (thx to the organized mommy) to do the treats for Isabel's first birthday party. The colors were to be bright yellow, bright orange and bright pink. We did the chocoholics with a bright orange frosting, the strawberry blondes were tinted further to become hot pink, and rather than put the guava chiffon gel on the outside, I kept it hidden on the inside and airburshed the tops bright yellow. I thought that they were so fun, fresh and fantastic.

Then there was the cake. (dun-dun-dun....!!!) At the last minute the cake was added to the order, and although I knew it was a stretch I knew I wanted to make it for them. Long story short: I had to go home and fix the cake not once, but twice!!! I was ready to die. I've never had a cake have frosting melt right off it, and then on trip two slide into the side of the pan. It was crazy and I was about to lose it. I called the mother, and she was great and I knew I could still get it to her on time. In the end, everything turned out well and the party looks fantastic!

Oh yeah, she also ordered 30 sugar cookie pops for the kiddies. I thought I'd make them look kinda fun with multi-colored swirls. Looks like the kids couldn't keep their hands off them :) You'll have to check out the photographer's page to view these babies. All these wonderful pictures were taken by Elsie Mcdonald Lopez I haven't met this cute girl yet, but she sure can take amazing pix!


Wedding Cake & Cupcakes

I was so honored to be asked to cater a beautiful wedding this summer. The bride was the exact opposite of a bride-zilla, she was amazing. She was great to work with and in fact cared about me as a person concerned if I could handle everything with being crazy-sick-pregnant.

Her colors were black and white with a lime green accent. She asked for 8 dozen cupcakes and 8 dozen mini cupcakes, with every couple dozen decorated differently. We had roses, vintage toppers, sugar pearls, sanding sugar and lots of frosting!

In talking with her I suggested perhaps doing a small wedding cake so that she and her groom could have something to cut into for that whole feeding each other thing.

I was so worried because free-hand piping black icing onto white fondant is SCARY! You can't mess up, you can't re-do it, you get one chance. I think it turned out great, along with all the cupcakes and 8 dozen white chocolate covered strawberries.

Unfortunately I didn't take as many pictures as I should have, but I'll just have to add that to the list of things I've been learning through this wedding and other catering adventures. The reception was decorated beautifully, the bride was gorgeous and I am so happy for this cute couple.


Transformers Cake

I loved making this cake for a 4 year old boy's birthday party. When speaking with his mother about the cake we came up with the idea of doing the autobots logo. I was warned to be sure it wasn't the decepticon's logo because her son was very particular. Well, I double and triple checked the logos and think it turned out well, what do you think?

I also made 2 dozen cupcakes for the kiddies with red frosting and the birthday mama put transfomers rings as toppers. I didn't get a pic, but I imagine they were adorable!