Father-Daughter Cupcakes

One thing I love about chEATday is hearing from old friends and being apart of helping them celebrate. I love this family and was so excited to get a request for cupcakes for father and daughter birthdays. Even though I didn't get to see them personally, it was nice to be in contact again and think of them while I made their treats. I can't believe a year ago I was making these cupcakes for the baby shower!

Karlee had asked for cream, rose, raspberry and mint green colors maybe using polka dots. Badabing-badaboom:

Cream frosting with pink and mint green polka-dots. I made daddy's cupcake with a mint green tie and daughter's cupcake with a raspberry colored heart necklace. And how do I not own one of these cute stands? LOL

I gotta tell ya though, these blondies gimmie a headache! Every time I make them I think I want to take them off the menu, but I keep getting orders for them and hearing wonderful reviews so they'll stay... for now anyway :)

4.18.2011 IS GONE! :*(

If you haven't noticed already, is not me :*( The reminder to renew for another year went straight to my junkmail so when the time lapsed some mysterious guy in Dubai commandeered the URL.

I (almost) cried.

Instead I spent the next 3 1/2 hours on the phone with godaddy and online with blogger trying to figure the whole thing out. I've e-mailed the guy who bought it asking if we can work something out so I can have it back, but nothing yet. I am grateful that I didn't lose everything, but I have no idea if my followers are still getting notifications (anyone?). I couldn't sleep at all that night and keep dreaming that I have it back since my business cards have that URL and many people have that URL saved on their computers.

Any advice out there? Should I change it to or leave it here at blogspot? I'll sprinkle some sprinkles over my shoulder and wish for it back, but in the mean time I'm here at


Lingerie Cookie Pops

These were a little ummm... difficult to explain to my kids LOL!

These were the final products:


and Nice

Although I had quite a few trial runs in the process:

This was too "Chacha DiGregorio" (remember her in Grease?)

and this would be her little sister :)

this one too stripper-esque

too sloppy


and these were just to show you the kind of lingerie I deal with on a daily basis... DIAPERS!