4.18.2011 IS GONE! :*(

If you haven't noticed already, is not me :*( The reminder to renew for another year went straight to my junkmail so when the time lapsed some mysterious guy in Dubai commandeered the URL.

I (almost) cried.

Instead I spent the next 3 1/2 hours on the phone with godaddy and online with blogger trying to figure the whole thing out. I've e-mailed the guy who bought it asking if we can work something out so I can have it back, but nothing yet. I am grateful that I didn't lose everything, but I have no idea if my followers are still getting notifications (anyone?). I couldn't sleep at all that night and keep dreaming that I have it back since my business cards have that URL and many people have that URL saved on their computers.

Any advice out there? Should I change it to or leave it here at blogspot? I'll sprinkle some sprinkles over my shoulder and wish for it back, but in the mean time I'm here at



I had you set up through Google Reader and I still got this post, I mean it came through. I wouldn't have even known the URL changed except for this post. So at least you know there's been no interruption to your RSS feeds! Hope you get it all straightened out! :)

Renisha Afalava

I noticed the link was broken but thought it was just my connection that was being retarded. I'm still receiving updates though. Praying and hoping and wishing and crossing my fingers it works out!!

a little bit biased

So sorry Tina! I hope you can work something out. I wouldn't work out anything with that guy. That's just what his purpose was, I'm sure. Good luck (sounds like you've got some good ideas on what to do. I'm not really sure...)