gLee Cupcakes

Three words: gLee premiere party

Monkey Cake

Ooo-ooo-ooo Ahhh-ahh-ahhh!

This cake was made for the cutest little monkey of a boy you've ever seen. I just had to make the Monkey face 3D for the little guy to try to make him come alive. Although, it looks like my penmanship could use some work... oh no... having flashbacks from elementary where the teacher holds up my notebook on how NOT to write in cursive. I'd better go find some chocolate therapy NOW!

Welcome to the Nest Cupcakes

"Welcome to the Nest" was the theme I was given for these cupcakes and I LOVE how the cute little bird's nests turned out. I was a little worried about how the toasted coconut would affect the flavor of the chocoholics, but I got the go ahead from my hubba-bubba/personal taste tester and heard later that the "tweets" were very much enjoyed by the baby shower attendees!


Baseball Cupcakes

Take me out to the ball game... or at least let me sit on the sidelines with one of these.

I can't believe summer has flown by so fast. For example, I made these bad boys back in June and only now am getting around to posting about them! I love sports, but I might love CHOCOHOLIC sport cupcakes just as much...

Baby Boy Polka Dot Minis

These were made for a baby boy shower for my adorable nephew, Mana.
Very simple, very fun, very yummy!


It's a Girl!!!

In January 2011 we'll be welcoming another princess into the chEAT day family! My son kept telling me it was a girl baby, but I wasn't convinced seeing as how he also told me there were two babies in my tummy (!!!) at one point. Well, he was right and can't wait to meet his {other} baby sister. I feel so blessed to be a mother and I'm sure my daughter will inherit mommy's love for sweet treats!

As far as the giveaway goes, thanks to everyone who participated... the winner of a dozen chEAT treats is:


Let's stay in contact to get you the goods girlie!