A Bakers Transformation

Here we go: I've got my oven preheated, my butter softened, and my apron on. I have refined all my recipes and found just the right frostings for the perfect cupcake marriages. Once the kids are in bed the transformation begins. The kid's toys get thrown into their bench and mommy's toys get sprinkled all over the kitchen countertops.

There is something about finding just the right measurements of just the right flavors, throwing them in my trusty KitchenAid and filling my cupcake liners just full enough to peek over the sides once done. I pop those babies in the oven, and start making frosting with the perfect consistency to melt in our mouth but also hold the shape of my super swirls.

The air smells amazing. I hear the timer go off. They look delicious and bounce back with the slightest touch. Off they go for a visit with the cooling racks before being introduced to the love of their life... the icing on the cake! My mind races on how I can make this particular group of cupcakes come to life, and food coloring hits the fan. Before they get put away for safe keeping {to make it through the craziness 2 kids bring} one (or two... or three) is deemed unfit for duty and makes it into my husband's salavating smackers. A quick clean up restores my magical kitchen back into the PB&J station that the morning will bring.


a little bit biased

Oh my gosh Tina! Everything on here looks delicious! I'm so excited for you (and excited for me that I'm going to your party on the 12th!!!)
Your blog set up looks awesome. Good luck with everything. See you soon!


Love the story. xo

b davis

Yum. My tummy is so growling right now. I have the biggest sweet tooth. I wish we were in Utah, but I guess I will just have to wait to taste these dreamy cupcakes.

Kassie Afo Feinga

AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! hey how would you feel about doing like a 1/2 dozen give away and i'll link you to my blog and people have to become a follower of this blog and then leave you a comment?? just a thought... so proud of you girl, now I know who to order from! xoxo


Your story makes me want to jump in the kitchen and bake and decorate! So fun! Your blog is darling and I wish I was there to be able to celebrate with ya! And eat, too!

xo, C

Tolai & Nimo

Congrats Tina! Can't wait til next week! :)


i'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy for you! YAY!!!!!! Love the blog, love the post, love the yummy pics! I'm so excited for you. This is going to be great! Love ya!