First Giveaway!!!

What's a Grand Opening without a GIVEAWAY! To kick off making this a "Cheat Week" I want to giveaway 2 dozen of my gourmet cupcakes of the flavor of your choice if you are local (Utah) or a great assortment of baking accessories if you are out-of-state. This is not only a site to order gourmet sweets, but a place where I will blog about baking basics, review recipes, document my baking accomplishments and disasters, and make your mouth water! Check back every day this Grand Opening week for more contests and giveaways!

There are several ways to enter so please leave a separate comment for each entry. The giveaway closes Friday, March 12 @ 6pm MST. Here's how to enter:

-search through and tell me your favorite cheat treat
-blog/facebook/tweet/snail mail :) about Cheat Day and this giveaway leaving a link back here
-follow me (this counts if you are already a follower)
-add the Cheat Day link to your blogroll
-place an order (



I am so excited about your new venture. You will be great at it and everything looks so ONOLICIOUS! Good luck with everything...

Janet Fonoimoana

They're all delicious, it's hard to choose a favorite. Of course I love your signature chocolate cake. My other favorite is probably the guava chiffon. Love it all!

The Brownz

I can't wait to try all the goodies:)

Cedar Reids

Well.... I couldn't say which is my favorite because I haven't tried them all yet. But the Brunette Bombshell sounds divine! I think I would like that one :)


my favorite . . . or the one i want to try the most would be the mini cheesecakes. yum!! but everything sounds good. i also am Following you! and i added you to my blogroll!! woohoo!

congrats tina!


Tina pick me, pick me!!! I want to smash my face in your tiered cake and cheat, cheat away!!! Ooh! did I just say that? hee. hee. Thanks for inviting me to your "cheaters" party. I Can't wait to Cheat!!!! ;)


I don't think it's fair that I have to pick a's like having to pick a favorite child. But if I HAVE to choose, I think I'd say...sugar cookies with cream cheese frosting.

Renisha Afalava

Choosing from what I have actually been able to taste so far, I'm going to go with the guava chiffon cake BUT i have my eyes on the snicker-duo, chocoholic and guava cupcakes, mini cheesecakes and of course my WHOLE HOUSE is dying for some of your chocolate dipped strawberries!!! lol. oh heck!! my final answer: ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!


every time gene eats one of your treats he says, "ok, now that is my favorite!" haha. we love everything you make! one favorite i have is Macaroni grill's lemon passion-fruit cake. Can't wait for Friday!

Renisha Afalava

I just did my very 1st BLOG everrrr and it happens to be sharing your business with my fam&&friends! cool!! Its on my MySpace titled "Cheat Day"! =]

Renisha Afalava

I just SHARED a link to Cheat Day on my Facebook page! =] yeah, i wanna W I N !!!! lol.

Renisha Afalava

Now i've just written my 1st NOTE on facebook!!! its entitled "Cheat Day" as well!!! =]

Renisha Afalava

Rone has Cheat Day listed on SOLE CLOTHING's blogroll.

Renisha Afalava

i'm sure you can see whos who, but just wanted to post that i became a follower! LOL. don't want any details getting by you! haha. Sole Clothing is also a follower, if you wanna count that, too. i'm just saying.. =]

Renisha Afalava

so when i posted the blogs and notes, i forgot to mention the giveaway so i just SHARED it on facebook!!

Renisha Afalava

i just TWEETED you!!

Brande J.

Cupcakes...yum! I can't eat chocolate right now because I am BF my baby and for some reason my children don't like I crave anything with sugar to make up for the chocolate loss :) The lemon chiffon cupcakes look absolutely divine!


ohhh yum! i am a sucker for all lemon treats, so i would love to win some lemon chiffon cupcakes!


now a follower!


Oooh, I love free stuff and I love your baked goods so I'm excited! My favorite would have to be your signature chocolate cake, of course, being that I'm a chocoholic. They are all so yummy, though, and I can't wait to taste the ones I haven't tasted yet. :)


I'm a follower already. :)


AND you are already on my blogroll. :)

Renisha Afalava

just received ur order of CHOC DIPPED STRAWBERRIES wit crushed toffee (toooooo delicious!!)!!! thanks SO MUCH tina!!!

Renisha Afalava

because the strawberries were SO YUMMY, we just put in 2 MORE orders!! 1 with toffee, 1 w/o.. so we can get to taste 'em both! can't wait to sink my teeth in 'em!!!


Oh man, I can't pick just one, but I would have to say that I love just about anything pink so Strawberry Blonde would be my pick!

a little bit biased

Tina, You're on my blogroll baby! You have been and forever will be on my blogroll. You had me at hello. You didn't even have to bribe me with a giveaway. You were on it last week!

a little bit biased

I'd also like to tell you that my mouth is slightly watering at all this talk of cupcakes, but when I read your Brunette Bombshell, I knew it was a match made in heaven. So glad I'm a brunette. That's the one.


OK, so i'm embarrassed to say i didn't follow directions. i thought you wanted a random favorite treat - not counting yours. Sheesh - seriously, my brain is mush! haha. Ok, everything you make is a favorite - but out of the ones i haven't tried - i'm dying to try the blondie and the carrot one! i really need to stop looking at these...haha!


AND I blogged about this giveaway! Hope I win again! Hahaha


THey all look too delicious. Anything with chocolate screams my name. :)


i've got your site on my blog roll


I am a fan of chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. But...I know I can be easily persuaded with anything sweet.

Congrats on getting up and running.


Rachelle M. referred me over and may I LEMON!! Yum. I am promptly going to facebook to link more peeps your way! :)


after going through all you's hard to decide. but i'd first like to try the chocoholic and then the guava ones! yummy!

S O L E . C L O T H I N G
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Renisha Afalava

i had Rone do a shout out on Sole Clothing's FB page! =]


oh, and i'm a follower now!


I blogged about you today! and I was your first follower. So that should be like six extra entries, right?

Jensen Ohana

Yay for giveaways! I just became a follower and put you on my reader!!

I haven't tasted anything but for sure believe all those tastebuds that vow you have the best sugar cookies and everything else. Are you coming to visit so I can be a taste tester? Or loyal customer!! :)

I'm so excited for your website and will definitely let everyone know about it!


I'm with Janet! They all sound devine but if I had to choose only 1 then I would probably pick the chocolate signature and then the guava chiffon for dessert!


The heart sugar cookies are A.DOR.A.BLE! :) I'm a follower now, and added you to my blog roll. What a fantastic business! All the best. ;)

Tolai & Nimo

wow, im a little behind! so, i believe i am already a follower, i shall put your link on my blog, AND my favorite treats of yours would have to be your sugar cookies. mmmmmmm............


The brunette bombshell looks amazing I'm so excited to cheat on my diet tomorrow night, hopefully I don't go too crazy... :)


It's Heather...not anonymous! I dont' even know where i'm going to start...but if I include fruit (i.e.strawberries), then I won't count it as an "actual" calorie right? INFACT...that is exactly what i'm going to start with!
Love, Heather

a little bit biased

O.K. Why am I trying so hard to win, when I really need to NOT eat the treats (and I know that realistically I will be the one who eats most of them)? But, I just had to tell you that I am now officially following you. O.K. so if you pick me I will share the love and not eat them ALL myself! I promise!

a little bit biased

My other post doesn't seem like it showed up (if it did, then just erase it) but I wanted you to know that I blogged about your new biz.

Lee Anne

Rocky Road Fudge Bars....delectable, mouthwatering brownie/marshmallow/chocolate confection....heaven!!!!


A big bowl of ice-cream. One of my favorite cheats.