Write a review GIVEAWAY!

Alright people, it is time for another giveaway! All you have to do is leave a comment reviewing your favorite chEATday treat(s) and you are entered to win 1 dozen treats. It will be an assortment of your choice available Nov. 3rd and 4th at Heritage Schools in Provo, UT.

I am planning on having:
  • chocoholics
  • lemon chiffon cupcakes
  • chocolate covered strawberries
  • chocolate mint brownies
  • any other requests?
1 comment per person. The winner will be randomly selected Tuesday, November 1st.

*Even if you haven't personally had a chEATday treat. Let me know what you are dying to try, or your favorite custom order I have created. For the out of towners, be a friend and enter to win for someone in the area, or if you win you can choose who deserves a chEATday!



GUAVA PLEASE!!! Guava cupcakes are my most favorite alongside your blondies. I haven't had your guava cupcakes but I'm sure they are divine! Also can former Heritage employees come and buy? lol.


i've never heard of you guys until a friend posted on fb today. touring around your fb page and ur blog site makes me wanna come in...especially, seeing that u have guava cupcake!!! ahhh...i love guava cake and would love to try that out!!! then i see u're planning to have chocolate covered strawberries & chocolate mint brownies!!! brownies r my most fave dessert ever!!! mmmmm....i must come in one day and try u out!! :)


the heritage boutique is open to the public, so come check us out! looks like I'll be needing to do guava orders soon :)


chocolate mint brownies...

marie w.


I don't know if you realize this Tina, but I am in LOVE with your toffee chocolate covered strawberries. I order them every occasion (although who really needs a special occasion for chocolate covered strawberries) because I feel like it's not worth celebrating unless some toffee chocolate covered strawberries are to be had. Even if I don't win this - I'll have to buy a couple dozen in honor of this giveaway "occasion"


I am so dying to try your treats!!!

Shayla C.

If you want something blah and flavorless go to the supermarket, but if you want treats to explode with flavor you have to order from ChEAT Day. The frosting is not "kill you with sugar" sweet. =)

kahili and brooke

those chocolate and toffee covered strawberries always look amazing!


Toffee chocolate and the chocolate covered strawberries were the best. Never tried the cupcakes but can surely tell from the pictures that they heavenly... :o)


WHERE do i START??? I don't think there is any Cheat day treat I don't like. the chocoholics and blondies are my favorite flavor of cupcakes. . . they are deeee-licious. and i love love love your toffee chocolate covered strawberries. i think all your treats are not only totally yummy, but TOTALLY attractive and cute to look at. seriously, once you taste a cheat day treat, no other random goodie or dessert will do.


I haven't had any of your creations but I have heard they are delicious!! I have a few friend who have been ordering from you and never want to share. lol... I really want to try your Blondies and Guava Cupcakes... Yuummm... I will be making a order soon <3