FB winners!

Who knew that a simple post on facebook would turn into something so big! The winner of the FB "like" chEATday challenge is

Jenn Nuga-Fifita!

The final tally for the top 2 contestants comes to:

Jenn 134, Renisha 107

a VERY close race. I can tell you I was dreaming about this since the competition was so dang close LOL Thank you to everyone who supported me and those who sent you to "like" me. I don't think I even know 241 people, or at least not that many that actually like me ;) I had no idea this would be such a great 'marketing strategy' just wanted to share some extra treats, lesson learned and many more contests and giveaways coming!

Feel free to take a look around and let me help you have the best chEATday ever!

Jenn, you won these:
contact me to pick them up sometime today :)

Renisha, you won these: (Renisha won first comment for a dzn minis)

*I will also be adding chocolate covered strawberries to both Jenn and Renisha's winnings today. Thanks ladies!


Renisha Afalava

YESSSSSS!!!! freakin scoorrrre!!! if you ever need advertisers, you know where to find me and jenn! haha! THANK YOU TINA!!


I'm with Renisha! I love this blog and everything you do Tina! You're such a professional! Best of luck with everything!


That's awesome Tina! I saw your page on fb too, so I definitely had to "like" it too! Your treats are amazing, so of course people are going to be excited over a giveaway! What a great idea!


These look amazing Tina!! I'm going to be looking forward to your next competition!! I would love to have some chocolate strawberries right now! lol...


tina, i'm so glad this brought your business so much attention! yay jen and renisha! i thought of joining in on the competition, but i would've felt really bad if i actually won LOL


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