Tina's Tuesday Tip: Turn Dessert into Decor!

Lots of people have been asking about using my chEAT treats to enhance their party theme.

I figure, if you're going to have dessert anyway, why not tie it into the theme and save yourself some time, effort and expense by customizing your goodies.

On the left, you'll see custom chEAT day treats. I've got Spiderman, Sports, Dresses, Rattles, Lei's, Graduation Caps, Roses, Twilight, and so many more... the possibilities are endless.

Here's chEAT day's latest dessert turned decor. It was for a 1st birthday summer themed party. This was 3 chocoholic cakes with cream cheese frosting. The island on top was removable smash cake for the little man of the hour with crushed nilla wafers as sand. I used oreo straws, gum and M&M's for the coconut trees, and the surfboard being washed onto shore is an airhead with twizzlers and frosting. TIP: Next time you're in the candy/snack aisle use your imagination as to what you could morph those into. And if you're imagination fails you... "google it" ;)

Do you have any favorite themes you'd like to see... and taste? Or let me see some of your creations and feature them here!


b davis

You've got quite the imagination! You never fail to impress me!


You are AMAZING! Btw, did I tell you that you totally ruined my week of dieting when you sent the cup cakes home w/ my hubby. The rest of the week ~ craving chocolate & nothing could compete. Luckily I don't have you on speed dial or I would have racked on the lbs...


The cake was so cute, and you're so creative for thinking of the different kinds of candy to use to make the whole theme work. And not to mention, it was delicious!


Loved the cake so much! And by the way, everyone who was at the party were like, "wooooow...this cake is amazing!" Everyone went home with a take-home plate of cake. My extra piece was huge and it was gone within a few hours of the party. (shhhh...) And Ashley texted me a few hours later to tell me that she was having cravings, so I had to share my take-home cake with her.


hey tina, so this has nothing to do with this post but it's like 1:30 in the morning, i can't sleep, the baby's kicking, and i sooooooo want some of your cupcakes, cookies, and goodies.. they seriously look so good!!! is this a pregnancy craving?? maybe, but i also have a major sweet tooth and your sweets look so good... i want a cheat day!! =). congrats on your business, it looks like it is going fabulously well!!

The So'otos

So at this very moment, vic sat up out of bed because he got a glimpse of what I was reading and said, "ohhhh there's the cake! did she say how to make it?? Click on the picture!!" thanks for setting a standard thats impossible to EVER achieve. haha.. i cant wait for saturday!