Train Cakes & Cookie Pops

My son turned 3 last week! We'll call him "CURLY". He has several loves: his family, his friends, his bike, Spiderman, Barney & Trains. We used to live just a few feet away from train tracks that were used VERY often. Since he was born, he loved hearing the train blow it's horn and would run outside to watch it go by. So this year we had a Thomas the Tank Engine themed party. The invitations, the hats, the decor, and of course the cakes and cookies. We even had a Thomas tank engine and cars running around the cake the whole time (did you notice he's carrying mini cupcakes :).

The 3D train cake was a blondie with cream cheese frosting and lots of candy accents. The round cake was an imposter, it was a fake left over from fondant practice. The mini cupcakes were chocoholics.

The cookie pops were "thanks for 'choo-choo' choosing to come" party favors. It was a great party with great friends and family. I love my "CURLY"!



All of the Thomas-themed goodies you made were SO cute, seriously. I'll have to throw my lil guy a thomas-themed party one day just so we can feature your amazing thomas treats.

Tolai & Nimo

so cute!


ugh, sorry i haven't sent you my pictures yet! my camera was dead so i've been charging the battery for the past couple hours. but the ones you took are awesome, there's no messing up when the goods look like that! those cupcakes were so yummy! and i didn't even get to eat any of my son's cookie pop 'cause he shoved it all in his mouth before i could steal some. :(


hate that we missed out!! but everything looks AWESOME!! happy bday agn DAU!!! love you all!!


You're amazing.. Love it! Happy birthday Tau.. I can't believe he's 3..xoxo Keep up the good work.. oh, btw, I was going to see if you deliver? haha. I needed to order some guava cupcakes for a friend back in Utah and surprise her :) let me know thanks Tina

b davis

Adorable! I am dying over those cookie pops. Love it.


SO stinking cute! Love, love. You are so great!


very very cute & creative! and your 'curly' is super adorable.


Those are soooooo cool!! Both of my sons are obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine and would be thrilled with a party like that. You're so talented!

By the way, I hope it's okay, but I borrowed your idea for graduation hats for my sister's graduation. When I post the pictures on my blog, I'm totally going to give you credit and add a link. Please let me know if it's a problem, but they were so stinkin' cute!!!

Thanks for some great ideas!

The Guirola-Uyema's

Carlos LOVES Thomas! I think we may have to change his bday theme. :)