Tina's Tuesday Tip: Wax Paper

I want to start off with a warm welcome all the Utah Deal Divettes to chEAT day! Tuesdays are tip days and for today's tip I wanted to share one of my favorite baking tools... wax paper. I always have a roll or two on hand, because really there is no substitute in my book. Here's a quick list of chEAT day's wax paper cheats. And for all you deal diva's out there, I have noticed no difference between the name brand and store brand, so save on sisters!

-no crumbly cakes: to prevent your cake from sticking, cut wax paper to the size of the bottom of your pan. after you release your cake from the pan, just peel off the wax paper, let cool and decorate!

-cookie monster: roll out your favorite sugar cookie dough onto wax paper to prevent sticking (a little flour will help). this will also make for a less messy clean-up

-line up: line your baking sheet with wax paper to prevent any cookie from sticking to the pan, and an easier time washing dishes :)

-chocolate cure: when chilling melted chocolate (like for chocolate dipped strawberries), place the treat on wax paper for an easy release

anyone else have a wax paper tip?


The Lautaha's

Hi Tina! I learned this one from Paula Dean, but it's time to ice your round cake on a cakestand or platter, put strips of waxpaper underneath the edges to keep your plate from getting all messy. Just pull out the strips when you're done icing. :)


i too love wax paper and saw the above tip from ms. paula herself! quick question - so, do you not use parchment paper? i've always wondered the pros & cons and am sure i can google it, just wanted to pick your baking brain! =)