Tina's Tuesday Tip: Use a coupon!

Have you got one of these? I sure don't, but I'll take yours for a lifetime supply of cupcakes! Today's tip will not only help bakers but scrapbookers, painters, craft-iers, pretty much everyone could find something great at a craft store. Many of the local (Utah) craft stores send out coupons, but Roberts has a printable coupon (go to in-store ad, then in-store coupon) you can use at Michaels & JoAnn's too! It's usually 40% off one regular priced item. Here are a few pointers I've picked up:

-you DON'T actually need to have this coupon in hand if you are using it at Roberts, but you do need to tell them you'd like to use the 40% off coupon (they have it taped to their registers and are completely used to it) it will automatically take it off the most expensive item

-you DO need to have this coupon in hand to use it at Michaels or JoAnn's, and don't worry they won't look at you funny. They might ask you which item you'd like to use it on... the most expensive one of course!

-when using it @ JoAnn's it will not work for fabric since that is not sold @ Michaels

-it's ok to just buy 1 item and use this, even if the item is around $1 (I'm a cheap-o)

-I like to print a couple out (they expire each week) and keep them in the car. That way if I have an opportunity to run into a craft store I have the coupon... and I ALWAYS find something I can use it with

-Right now Robert's also has a spring coupon book that has a couple 50% off coupons and some 20% off your entire purchase coupons that I can't wait to use!

*if you aren't in Utah find out which craft stores accept competitor coupons and make this work for you!

Anyone else got some great cheap-o ideas?



I didn't know you can use a Robert's coupon at JoAnn's and Michael's. Good to know!


Nothing to do with crafting, but I'm always happy to save a $...

At Smith's this week they have their Quaker cereals 5 for $5 when you buy 5 (limit 10). But in the Fresh Market add this week in the center they have a Quaker manufactures coupon for $3 off when you buy 5. So if you take the FM ad to Smith's you can get 5 boxes of cereal/oatmeal for $2.

Not bad for food storage ;)

Btw, if you find that money tree, can I have a couple seeds? Wouldn't mind one of my own.