Tina's Tuesday Tip: Cool Coconut Cake

It's Tuesday, which means it's tip day. This is such an EASY yet YUMMY recipe that always gets great reviews. I usually keep the ingredients on hand for "emergencies". ;) In fact my 13 year old nephew made it a few weeks ago for a scout cake-off and he won! I usually tell people it's like a coconut Tres Leches Cake. Try it out, make a twist, tell me what you think.

Cool Coconut Cake

1 box yellow cake mix (and it's called-for ingredients)
1 can coconut milk
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 tub whipped topping
1 cup of coconut flakes (optional)

-bake the cake according to box directions
-combine coconut milk and sweetened condensed milk
-when cake is done, poke several (let's say 30 or so) holes in the hot cake with butter knife
-pour combined milks as evenly as possible over hot cake
-let cool
-cover with whipped topping and coconut flakes
-serve chilled

*this is also VERY yummy served warm, just add the whipped topping to individual portions, and either way it pairs amazingly with vanilla ice cream.



I've been wanting to try this cake so I'm glad you posted the recipe.

b davis

Oh Tina, another great treat to try. I love how moist these cakes turn out, so I will definitely be giving this a whirl. Thanks!


oh - sounds good. will try next time the home teachers come ;). thanks for the comment on my blog.

Cedar Reids

Oh yeah! After trying this at your house last time, I KNOW it is a definite winner!!! Can't wait to make it myself :)


OH 'Tina so love all your bakings.. but have a question on this recipe.. do you put the whole can of coconut milk and condense milk in?.. or just use half?.. lol


hi cousin...i made this cake for one of our family parties out here in Missouri and it was a hit!! thanks for sharing!!! love ya!

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