Boy's Toys

What boy doesn't love a sports ball? The first time I made these were for my son's first birthday, and I love reminiscing about his hesitation regarding his "smash cake". However, once he tasted the frosting there was no going back (he's not the only one!).

For Jordan's cake his mom gave me several ideas: cars, characters, sports, balls. With a name like Jordan how could I resist doing a basketball!

This boy's family are big BYU fans :) and knew their son would get a kick over a football cake. I was lucky enough to see his face when he opened the box, he was ecstatic! Too bad he had to wait until that evening to dig in.

This was to help my {other} brother answer his date for their high school dance. She had asked him with sports ball Easter Eggs so he called in a favor and this is what I threw together. The outside of the box said "it would be a..."



Thank you so much, Tina!! Unfortunately, we haven't been able to enjoy it because we're still in WA since Jordan is STILL sick!! ='[ So I might be ordering a 2nd one when we get back!! Rone sent pics tho and I LOVE IT!!! I know Jordan would've gone crazy if he saw it!! i'll KIT!! miss and love you guys!! and THANKS AGAIN!!!


So cute, Tina! I will never forget the sports cake you made for Spencer. ;) And I actually had some of Lotoa's bday cake--it was just as yummy as it looks.


lol yeah line came over and sidebusted on lotoa's cake. hahaha! just kidding, i saved some for her. but it was soooo good. everyone was all, why'd you order such a small cake? stupid me.


Tina your desserts look awesome! This makes me wish I could learn how to bake....but then again, eating it is even better! Good luck with your business and I'll have to order something one day.