April Fools "Cupcakes"

I wanted chEAT day join in on the tricks for April Fool's Day this year so decided to make these:

what? regular cupcakes you say? you (like my son) are sadly mistaken! Here's a closer look:

Yup, Shepherd's Pie "Cupcakes" a meaty "cupcake" with mashed potato "frosting."

I didn't have any big plans for these guys, but destiny (in the form on my younger brother) called. He had been asked to Sadie Hawkins with a cake and wanted to answer in a similar way with an April Fool's twist. I told him I had the perfect idea right in my oven and I'd bring them over. We put them in a box and he made a sign saying

"Nothing would be sweeter than going to Sadie's with you"

We did have a couple real cupcakes in there too though (I can only joke so far about sweet treats!), I haven't heard how it went, but I thought it was pretty clever :) Was the joke on me?



just for future reference, if i ever think i'm about to bite into one of your cupcakes and get shepherd's pie, heads will roll. and by heads, i mean your head. because i will kill you.



hey I made the exact same thing for my kids on Fools day, just not quite as pretty as yours. They were so excited to get cupcakes for dinner and then had a fit when they found out that it was mashed potatos and meatloaf. haha I also did fish sticks that were actually wafer cookies covered in peanut butter and corn flakes, it was pretty funny.
btw, your stuff is beautiful and looks so yummy!!!

a little bit biased

"O.K. Alexis' comment just cracked me up. Too funny. This is a very clever idea (although I wouldn't want it to happen to me). Cute too.


LOL @ ALEXIS!! cute idea, tina!! thas too funny!!


great idea. i should have called you. i told siona to grab her flip flops and swim suit we were heading to swim, then she saw the snow out side & when i told her april fool's she told me ~ mom that is kinda like lying. bamm, busted! what was i to say to that? happy easter!


Lol that IS pretty clever! For a min there I thought you were gonna say there was meat instead of a cake, but the top was still frosting. Yuck! At least you allowed it to be something that tastes good together--meat and potatos. Good thinking!