Heritage Boutique

What a weekend! I had such a great time at the Heritage Boutique. My chEAT treats were a hit (if I do so myself) and it really pushed me to my limits. Why you may ask?

-I was told by my hubba-bubba at 6pm the night before that chEAT day could participate
-I was fresh out of almost all ingredients
-I hadn't thought about presentation, what to make or a baking schedule at all!

Nonetheless, I decided I did want to participate. I sent the hubba-bubba with my shopping list (thx!) and started preparing for an evening of slaving away in the kitchen.

In the end I was tired, oh SO tired, but I pushed out 8 dozen lemon chiffon, 4 dozen strawberry covered chocolate, 4 dozen chocoholics and 50 chocolate covered strawberries. And that was all before 1am Thursday morning. We went and set up early after a few zzz's and hoped it wouldn't flop. Guess what? I nearly sold out!

I did a repeat of kitchen duty that night between different meetings and again the treats nearly sold out Friday! {insert happy dance here} I was so excited they were received so well and got to meet lots of great people at the boutique, and even better, 10% of the proceeds go to Sub-for-Santa. Thank you Heritage Schools for allowing chEAT day to participate!