Tina's Tuesday Tip: Make It Work

If any of you noticed, I missed Tuesday Tip Day Last Week. I. AM. SORRY. Don't go thinking that I don't want to share tips with you anymore, this pregnancy has just been kicking my baking booty! Anyway, enough of that. The show must go on and like one of my favorite design critics says, "Make It Work".

I can't even begin to explain how excited I am to be doing my first wedding this weekend. I'll share the details of how we met later, but just know it was *magical* LOL The wedding colors are black, white and lime green. I know, so fun right? Anyway, for today's story I want to tell you about my experience with lime green sugar pearls.

On some of the cupcakes we need sugar pearls that are lime green. Well, guess what? No one {I found} makes/sells these babies. I went to quite a few different shops, and when none were found, would bounce ideas back and forth about how to color white sugar pearls lime green. I wasn't satisfied.

Today I finally went out and got these white sugar pearls.

I walked each aisle hoping for inspiration (with my kids going crazy I might add). And here she was:

So using this gem (air brush machine, not insect torturing device) that my grandmother gave to me (thanks Gigi!):

I ended up with these:

I can't wait to use them. And now I am ready to paint the town red! Ooops, I mean Lime Green ;)