a "CUPCAKE" in the oven

chEAT day is expecting another SWEETIE

(no this isn't me, but I'm pretty sure I HAVE to get this t-shirt now!)

Hello all my chEAT day-ettes! Just wanted to share a little {personal} information with you all. I'm so excited to be expecting our 3rd child. I've already got a 100% boy curly haired cutie, one diva-in-the-making and can't wait to meet our newest addition around the new year.

Those of you who know me, know I get yucky sick during pregnancy (don't worry it's not contagious) LOL but yes, I am still taking orders. In fact, being busy doesn't give me time to realize how sick I am. My only suggestion for those of you with CRAVINGS like me, is put your requests in early since I won't have the energy to do several different orders at once. I haven't had to turn anyone away yet, and hope to keep it that way.

Thanks to everyone for all your love and support through this business venture and to me personally, and keep chEATing!



SO excited for you! Yay! I've been thinking babies for a while,too. ;)

b davis



Congrats to you guys! That's such exciting news to hear. The world needs more beautiful Reid babies to brighten each day. Although i must say, after having 2 - i have no idea how 3 would be! some days i feel close to the looney bin already! you will have to tell me how that is. sending lots of love and well wishes for as little sick days as possible in your future! hugs


Congrats! I read your "confession" the other day. So happy for you. If there is anything I can do to help while your a little "under the weather", please let me know. Don't live too far & I think you daughter has taken a likin' to me...since I've been in nursery so much. & you have to buy the T-shirt. See you manana.

a little bit biased

Congrats Tina! That is so exciting. And I agree, you definitely need that shirt!


that shirt is adorable! and i'm glad you're having a third so i can get my baby fix because i am definitely not going to be ready for another one any time soon. so happy for you guys! sorry we missed you at line's today...i didn't go over till 6:45 and you guys had already left. :(


I am so happy for you Tina. You guys make beautiful keep 'em comin.. Hope you don't get sick with this pregnancy.. I feel your pain with that stuff.. YUCK... xoxo


Congrats Tina! You have such adorable kids I can't wait to hear what baby number 3 will be!


Congrats on the pregnancy and I LOVE the T-shirt!


Okay I'm SOOOO behind! CONGRATS! I bet you would look even cuter in that t-shirt! You should totally order it!