Happy Valentine's Day

Well hello chEATday-ers! I know it's been a very long time, but our special delivery baby girl is here and I am back and ready to chEAT. For Valentine's Day weekend Feb 11 - 14 I am offering chocolate covered strawberries. I thought about writing a description of them, but they are chocolate, strawberries, and amazing-ness, oh and toffee bits if you're interested (my fav).

They are being sold $15/dozen, and for my blog followers, mention this post, and you can add an extra dozen for an additional $10. Contact me via FB, a comment here, e-mail me at, or call/text me at 801-360-1211. Contact me for delivery options.

*If fresh strawberries are not available I will contact you with other options.



Tina!! Can I get two dozen please? half a dozen of the toffee and the rest the regular choc dipped strawberries. Obviously delivery's not an issue :) I will come pick them up on Monday myself just let me know when.....EXCITED!


Do you deliver to Hawaii?


Not unless my husband has a Valentine's surprise in mind :)

Marica Nadarish

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